Become a leader in the Peerspace community

This opportunity is for anyone who:

  • Wishes to be more connected in the hosting/events industry on a local level
  • Wants to become the best at using the Peerspace features and best practices
  • Is passionate about Peerspace and uniting the competition to make your local marketplace the most successful
  • Is motivated and willing to help build and support other hosts through education, workshops, networking, and being the voice of your community to drive an impact with the Peerspace product

Benefits of Participating

  • Chapter Leaders enjoy increased promotion of their Peerspace listings
  • Gain recognition and exposure from Leader Spotlight Stories in official Peerspace-branded promotional materials, social channels and newsletters - all content will have our name and backing
  • Receive direct ongoing training and support from our Host Development Team. Take advantage of how features are designed to build your listings for success and get equipped to present Peerspace's features at your own meetups
  • Receive a preferred phone line and priority support from our dedicated CX team

Leaders are able to:

Host an event

From fireside chats and meetups, to educational presentations on best practices on how to use Peerspace, you can help build a stronger local Peerspace peer-to-peer community.

Once you become a Chapter Leader you will be able to create and organize events right from your dashboard

Create Content

Share your Peerspace story and build momentum around hosting a space. We are happy to offer constructive feedback and access to readership.

We provide event templates, a content library, and best practices to build presentational decks.

We welcome any form of content: articles, blog posts, photographs, videos, graphics.

Have online discussions with hosts

From asking to answering host ‘how-to’ questions, utilize the online discussions community to connect with hosts, market your events and post polls collecting topics hosts want to explore with you at your in-person meetups.

Receive dedicated swag!

Enjoy the perks of being a Chapter Leader with personalized swag to enhance your own hosting experience!