What is the Peerspace Community Events Program?

We built the Peerspace Community Events Program to empower our community to live out our mission in real life. From intimate fireside chats to Q&A sessions, community events bring people together to meet, create, and celebrate in amazing Peerspace locations.


Expect to connect with fellow Peerspace members in your area, bond over shared experiences, and learn from meaningful peer-to-peer discussion - often over light bites and drinks. Event topics are designed to address these shared experiences and answer questions like, “How do I price my space?”


We believe that innovation occurs at the intersection of smart people and the spaces that inspire them, so we hope you’ll attend our next community event and discover something new!


Joining a community is easy — find your local chapter and click “Join Group” to receive announcements for upcoming events.

How often do events happen?

Each Chapter hosts a minimum of four events per year. We encourage you to Join your local Chapter to receive regular updates regarding upcoming events. If you’re traveling, be sure to check the Events page to see what might be happening near you (we have Chapters nationally)!

What kinds of topics are covered at Peerspace Community Events?

Most likely, you share similar ups-and-downs with your fellow Peerspace members. Event topics are designed to address these shared experiences and answer questions like “How do I price my space?” Events range from intimate fireside chats to Q&A sessions - with the occasional networking mixer thrown in.

Does Peerspace ever host community events?

Most events are organized and led by your local Chapter Leader with support from the Peerspace team. Occasionally, Peerspace employees, headquartered in San Francisco with remote teams across the country, will host an event on behalf of your local community.

Can I bring a friend to these events?

Absolutely, the more the merrier! The Peerspace Community Events Program primarily exists to support our existing community; however, most events are open to the public. We encourage you to invite people in your network who may be interested in joining the Peerspace mission.


How much does it cost to attend an event?

Most Peerspace Community Events are free to attend. If there is a fee, your Chapter Leader will indicate this in the event details and payment will be collected at registration.

What if there is no Chapter in my area?

If you don’t see a Chapter for your local community and are an active host on Peerspace, we invite you to apply to become a Chapter Leader. Peerspace is growing, and we’d love to partner with you to bring our Community Events Program to your area!

What is a Chapter Leader?

Chapter Leaders are active Peerspace hosts and partners of our brand and mission - the “go-to gurus” of hosting on Peerspace for their local community. They have the know-how to offer best practices to newcomers, are experts at inspiring mutual support, and care about facilitating meaningful, peer-to-peer discussion.

What are the benefits of being a Chapter Leader?

From spotlights in official Peerspace-branded promotional materials to complimentary photoshoots of their space, Chapter Leaders enjoy increased promotion of their Peerspace listings while serving their local community. They also receive access to a preferred phone line and priority support from our dedicated Customer Experience team.


How does Peerspace support our Chapter Leaders?

Peerspace provides Chapter Leaders with engaging event content and financial resources to cover associated costs, such as catering and bar services. As a Chapter Leader, we encourage you to use our event content as templates to guide your discussions; however, you are welcome to develop your own content with prior approval from the Peerspace team.


What kind of commitment is involved in being a Chapter Leader?

As community advocates, Chapter Leaders are committed to creating a space for Peerspace members to connect at least once every three months (four events annually). They often lend their own space in support of this effort, but can also partner with fellow, local hosts to secure different locations throughout the year. Chapter Leaders sign a one-year contract, with Peerspace progress check-ins every quarter, and will have the option to renew at year’s end.

How do I apply to become a Chapter Leader?

If you’re enthusiastic about the vision we have for the Peerspace Community Events Program, we hope you’ll apply to become a Chapter Leader. The application consists of a short contact form and phone interview with our team. If approved, you will sign a contract, submit a virtual walkthrough of your space, and complete a short tutorial to understand the ins-and-outs of using this site.