Welcome to the Peerspace Community Events Program. These Program Terms (“Program Terms”) are a binding agreement between you and Peerspace, so we ask that you read them carefully.

Governing Terms

This site (www.events.peerspace.com) is intended to support the Peerspace community, including hosts (“Host”) who list their space on Peerspace as well as guests (“Guest”) who attend Peerspace bookings. The Program Terms dictate your use of the site and your participation (“Participation”) in the Peerspace Community Events Program (“Program”).

Participation includes, but is not limited to, registering for, attending, and presenting or speaking at a Peerspace Community event (“Event”). By using or signing into the site, you automatically opt in to these Program Terms as well as the Peerspace Terms of Service and Community Guidelines (collectively “Terms”), which are hereby incorporated by reference.

We may adjust the Terms from time to time in our sole discretion, so be sure to check in regularly. Continuing to use the site or participation in the Program or an Event after the Terms have been revised indicates your agreement to the updated Terms.  In the event the Program Terms conflict with the Terms, the provisions of the Terms shall control.

Program Participation

Peerspace Community Events are Host-organized events that typically meet in-person at various locations (each an “Event Venue”). These Events are run by Chapter Leaders who are active Hosts on the platform and advocates of the Peerspace brand and mission (“Chapter Leaders”), though Guests or Peerspace employees may also host Events from time to time.

As a Program participant, you are not employed by Peerspace and therefore cannot claim to speak as a Peerspace representative or enter into agreements on Peerspace’s behalf. All communications you receive from Chapter Leaders or Event attendees are sent within their own capacities and do not come from Peerspace; therefore, their views do not necessarily reflect those of Peerspace.

Every Program participant is required to use the site as intended. You may not use the site to harm, intimidate, or deceive other users or Peerspace employees, misrepresent who you are or your affiliations, collect content that is not publicly displayed on the site, or offer unsolicited services or products. No Program participant may discriminate against other users or endorse illegal or dangerous behavior.

By participating in the Program, you understand and agree that Peerspace reserves the right to modify any content or materials posted to this site that may be in conflict with our Community Guidelines or other Peerspace policies or guidelines.


By registering for an Event, you agree to comply with all applicable rules associated with the Event Venue (“Venue Rules”). You understand that Peerspace, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to have you removed from an Event if you do not comply with the Terms or Venue Rules.

Payment may be required in order to attend an Event. When payment is required, it will be due in full upon registration. Payment may be subject to additional taxes and duties which will be charged to you upon registration. All costs associated with your participation, including but not limited to travel costs, will be your sole responsibility.

Peerspace, in its sole discretion, may adjust any aspect of an Event (including but not limited to the Event name, venue, or time). In rare circumstances, Peerspace may cancel an Event. In the event of a cancellation of a paid Event, the terms of the Peerspace Cancellation Policy shall apply.

Privacy, Third-Party Platform, Personal Release, & Intellectual Property

By participating in the Program, you grant Peerspace the right to record, film, or photograph your likeness in any form of media. You acknowledge and agree that Peerspace may distribute this media without any further approval from or payment to you. Peerspace will handle personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy located at https://www.peerspace.com/legal/privacy.

You acknowledge that Peerspace has partnered with a third-party, Bevy Labs, Inc. (“Bevy”) for use of the site, and that use of the site may be governed by separate terms and conditions set forth on Bevy’s website (https://bevylabs.com/) and through Bevy’s privacy policy (https://www.bevybevy.com/Privacy-Policy/).    

All materials distributed at or in connection with an Event are owned by Peerspace, the Chapter Leader, and/or Venue owner. As a participant in the Program, you acknowledge and agree that you have no right to reproduce or distribute any trademarks or materials associated with an Event without the prior written consent of Peerspace.

Warranties and Liability

Peerspace makes no warranties and disclaims all implied warranties, including but not limited to, your reliance on distributed information or materials from an Event for monetary value or otherwise. You will indemnify, defend, and hold Peerspace harmless against all third-party claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and related expenses arising from or related to an Event or your participation in the Program. We will govern disputes in accordance with our Terms.

We rely on you to follow these guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of all Peerspace users, including yourself, when participating in the Program. We take violations seriously and may suspend or remove you from the site for ongoing or serious violations.

Last Updated: March 4, 2019